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Winding optical glass fiber at very low twist

Unavoidable optical glass fibre twisting caused by spooling processes can result in unacceptable EMR transmission quality degradation. However, increasing optical transmission and laser coherent beam requirements demand ever-increasing transmission quality. The german company Supertek GmbH has worked on this problem for some years and can now offer solutions providing very low twist values, in most cases well under 0.5 turns per 2 meter length, whilst still maintaining the highest standards in winding, laying and tension control.


The use of the Supertek Compact Multi-Winder (CMW) full- or semi-automatic system allows all optical fibre requirements to be handled simply and highly accurately from drawing tower output to all other following processes. Precision tension control and laying geometry, fibre line handling at speeds up to > 3500 m/min, and all with the absolute minimum on supervision or operator intervention. In spite of this simplicity, the specially developed Supertek electronics control systems allow software-controlled setup for all system parameters, many adjustable ‘on the fly’.


Optical fibres demand a highly accurate and consistent winding and process tension control. This is admirably covered by the Supertek electromagnetic dancer system.  This novel system is capable of maintaining highest quality tensions at highest speeds from ranges less than 10 mN to higher than 4N. Accuracies are possible to better than +/- 1 mN according to material and type. The CMW is also for use where highly accurate, consistent speed control and tension are paramount in re-winding systems or similar processes. As each winder can be used as payout or take-up, as master or slave, at the touch of a button and is fully process-programmable, this real multi-talent can be used in almost any desired configuration, alone, autarkic or embedded.


All the above features apply not only to optical fibres. The digitally controlled traversing spool winder system is also suitable for materials such as plastics, rubbers, carbon fibres, medical plastics, membranes, chemical fibres, precious metals and alloys as well as simple steels, coppers and other metals, textiles or chemical products. This also in a great variety of physical forms, from wires and threads of 5µ diameter or even less to foils, flat bands and profiles. The precision laying and winder servo rotation control allows highest positional accuracy of product handling, while the Supertek electromagnetic dancer control system allows a highest-accurate and consistent tension control unbeatable in all other systems of this type. For example, the laying system provides a positional resolution of better than 10 µm and the servo rotational position can be set to within an accuracy of better than 0.002°. This allows not only standard spool winding, but start, tap and stop lead positions can be accurately determined for coil and transformer windings.


For larger product sizes and winding dimensions, Supertek also provides the standard MultiWinder system, similar to the CMW but which can take spool weights of up to 35 kg, with flange diameters > 50 cm whilst still providing highly accurate laying and tension control.


Operator elements such as ‘Touchscreen’ control panel units offer complete standard or customer-specific winder control, or customer-own control can be easily incorporated. Software is also offered as complete package or according to customer requirements.


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